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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our company elaborates on technologies of natural linguistic text processing. We are glad to offer you a whole spectrum of unique instrument tools for work with textual information. The main instrument is the notional text analyzer TextAnalyst, enabling you to quickly become familiar with contents of any text from any application domain. It will show you all the notions mentioned in the produced texts. It will indicate which notions are main, and which ones were mentioned in passing. It will form up notions intercouplings (correlations) and state their value. It will present the contents in the form of topics and subtopics hierarchy. It will fulfil the texts indexing and form hypertexts knowledge bases on the basis of texts set from any data domain. It will clasterise a texts quantity and then classify another texts quantity by formed classes. In answer to an inquiry it will give you the information connected with the required info, and, finally, will create an abstract. 

If looking at a sizeable document you want to become familiar with its most significant (important) passages, we may offer you a free program TextReferent. It will create an abstract and show you in the document the passage where the interesting thesis is illustrated. 

We order to use our technologies to developers of information storage and retrieval systems. TextAnalyst SDK contains the core of the TextAnalyst system in the form of COM objects. 

As a basis for above-mentioned products we used the unique technology of information processing based on neuronets. You may get more information on our products and technologies looking at the corresponding site sections. We invite for collaboration dealers and companies interested in our technologies.


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