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TextAnalyst SDK

Text Referent


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TextAnalyst SDK


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Intel-based PC
Windows 9X, NT, 2000, Me
  • library of program components (inproc servers); 

  • documentation; 

  • set of basic dictionaries both in English and Russian

  • Dictionary editor DicEdit.


TextAnalyst SDK 

The library of programmatic components of technology of the texts analysis.

The TextAnalyst SDK contains programmatic components realising a complex of functions of the automatic analysis Russian and English texts. 
The capabilities of the library will help to you to create the own 32-bit Windows - appendices permitting, for example, to abstract the texts, to form hypertext databases, to execute information retrieval in the texts and so forth. 

The functions of the library TextAnalyst SDK will allow your appendices to use following main capabilities: 

  • reduction the different grammar forms of words to the general format; 

  • formation the frequent dictionary of text concepts  (words and word collocations), by a filtration of words of the given dictionary; 

  • formation lists of words, bound in the text on sense with given words; 

  • a numerical evaluation of the significance of concepts in the text and degree of their semantic connectedness; 

  • obtaining lists of the proposals of the texts keeping given words; 

  • formation of the abstract - list of the most informative proposals of the text. 

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