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Text analisis
Interim Review by Colleen E. Crangle


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Neuronetwork technology
 of natural linguistic text processing

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Our approach to text analysis

Text analysis white paper 

Bibliography of the text mining 

Interim Review by Colleen E. Crangle

"TextAnalyst™ is able to efficiently handle numerous and often large (90+ pages apiece) text files without any problem. Furthermore, the program is extremely user-friendly." 

Eleanor McLellan
Data Manager / Analyst
Centers for Disease Control
Atlanta, GA 

"TextAnalyst™ is used at CaseBank to identify and assess the contents of electronic repositories of troubleshooting and maintenance information. It saves case preparation time and allows CaseBank to be more responsive to its customer's knowledge retrieval needs."

Kalyan Gupta, Ph.D.
Director, Research 
CaseBank Technologies Inc.
Brampton, Ontario

KDNuggets Poll
Which text-mining tools you have used [111 votes total]

dtSearch (6) 5%
I-Miner for Text (19) 17%
INTEXT (1) 1%
TextAnalyst (30) 27%
TextSmart (6) 5%
Text-o-Scope (2) 2%
Wordstat (3) 3%
Other (10) 9%
None (34 31%

  • TextAnalyst is great - I use it for searching R&D opportunities for my office at Indiana University
  • Love the COM objects feature of TextAnalyst!
  • Prefer Text Analyst to similar analysis packages given the ease of bringing in and displaying data. Permits me to rapidly perform analysis with little, if any, advance data preparation. It also handles lengthy text documents beautifully.


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